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November 28, 2001

Book Review: To Wear The White Cloak by Sharan Newman

Novels are mini-vacations, they take us on guided tours of new places, and introduce us to new people who are involved in occupations or activities other than our own, and who experience unusual circumstances. A good book pulls you in and holds your attention through the story so well that, when it ends, you want more.

Sharan Newman’s To Wear the White Cloak held me this way. She portrayed a real family, their problems, and how they related to one another, in a way that my modern mind could embrace; yet the setting and events were authentic to the historical period. (This novel is set in France during the Crusades.) I remembered and mused over the characters’ words and thoughts long after I closed the book.

— Barbara @ rudimentary 12:00 pm PST, 11/28/01

April 25, 2001

Book Review: Canis by Robert E. Armstrong

In Canis, by Robert E. Armstrong, the head of Houston’s Bureau of Animal Regulation & Care is Dr. Duncan MacDonell, a man of compassion, intelligence and common sense who’s already doing what anyone will recognize as a difficult, depressing, and thankless job. Then street people begin to turn up dead (more…)

— Barbara @ rudimentary 12:00 pm PST, 04/25/01

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