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February 26, 2006

Another Violet

The other day my husband came across a site I think is pretty special.

A poetic, illustrated tale titled
Violet Footprints by another Barbara. It’s one of the best things I’ve read on the Internet, and it left me feeling good. (Sorry, link no longer works, so it’s been removed.)

When I reached the end, I decided maybe the “Violet” who left the footprints in the story was a _________. (Fill in your choice.)

I predict this author has a bright future.

— Barbara @ rudimentary 12:50 pm PST, 02/26/06

December 20, 2005

Snow Angels

When I first hoped to see Snow Angels in print, I decided to come up with a concept for the cover, and I drew this sketch. Actually I drew more than one, but this was the one that made me happiest at the time. I’m not much of an artist. Sometimes I impress myself—but then I’m easily impressed. Anyway, it seems appropriate to the season.

Snow Angels is available as a free e-book on my website. My multi-talented husband, Ken, created the cover art you see there.

NOTE: Please only comment on this post if you’ve read Snow Angels. Off-topic comments will be moved or deleted. The comments on Snow Angels are sometimes snipped due to content that may give away the ending of the story (thus the term “spoiler”) to others who haven’t yet read the story.

If you’ve read and enjoyed Snow Angels, please consider a donation in support of my work and this site:

— Barbara @ rudimentary 2:27 pm PST, 12/20/05

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